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    Portland Creative Conference: Rearrange Your Mind!

    PORTLAND, OR - August 7, 2001 - Need a blast of energy to get those creative juices surging? The 12th annual Portland Creative Conference will be held on September 13 - 15 at the Portland Center for the Performing Arts. The conference is a unique two and a half day immersion in the spirit of creativity with designers, writers, artists, performers, producers, directors, and multimedia magicians coming together to share their personal insights into the creative process.

    Conference attendees from around the country will be inspired, entertained and treated to a rare inside peek into some of the best minds in the imagination business.


    • Frank Capra Jr., presenting a retrospective on his father's life and work.
    • Hilary Bader, scriptwriter for Star Trek, the Batman animated series and an interactive game developer for Simon and Schuster
    • Charles Schwartz, technology expert presents, "Digital Cinema: Creative Opportunity or Technology Nightmare?"
    • Tom Kelley, product designer and general manager for IDEO ( from iMac, Palm V and Microsoft Mouse to the Museum of Modern Art and the Pepsi Twist)
    • Ralph Appelbaum, designer of award-winning museum exhibitions, visitor centers, and educational environments. (such as the Holocaust Museum in D.C.)
    • Mike Judge, animator and creator of "Beavis and Butthead" and "King of the Hill."
    • John Schwartzman, cinematographer (Pearl Harbor, Armageddon, etc.)
    • Barry Braverman, developer of Disney's new "California Adventure" theme park.

    Check the website for a complete listing of speakers, details on the opening night sneak preview film , and the big gala wrap party on Saturday night.

    The conference was spearheaded in 1990 by Will Vinton, creator of Claymation and president of Will Vinton Studios. Today, the Creative Conference is the only U.S. event dedicated to exploring and celebrating creativity in film, television, advertising and interactive media. It's an "idea oasis" where imaginations flourish. Fellowship thrives between artists, actors, directors, composers, editors, writers, and others who simply want to experience the fun.


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