Freelance Writer, Ghostwriter for Individuals and Businesses

freelance writer, finance writer, ghostwriter, copyeditor, freelance editor Sharon Rockey is a freelance writer/ghostwriter for print and on-line media. She ghostwrites for finance, technology, and individuals. Visit her on-line portfolio and contact her for your next project.

    About Our Ghostwriting Services for Individuals and Businesses
    We are 100% committed to confidentiality with our ghostwriting projects, unless otherwise expressly authorized by those for whom we write.

    Just a small sample of what we've ghostwritten:

    • a heart-wrenching memoir of hope for a woman who had spent years in therapy
    • a memoir of a woman who had narrowly escaped with her family during the Hungarian Revolution
    • three books on finance for an international corporate turn-around specialist
    • a book proposal for a former crime reporter with the Chicago Sun Times about a Prohibition-era gangster
    • numerous articles and stories about everything from people going through life-changing transitions to the lighter side of life.

    We ghostwrite for anybody with a story that needs to be told, or a paper that needs to be submitted, or a presentation that needs to be made. Or if you've taken a shot at writing a book yourself and would like someone to come along and polish it up, we do that too!

    Memoirs and Books
    When writing a full-length book, we work closely with you to help structure the chapter outline and get the basic facts organized. You provide descriptive details and we wordsmith it all into a fascinating read. It's a collaborative process with numerous interviews, either face-to-face, or via phone calls or email.

    Papers, Presentations, Articles
    Do you have a project deadline, but no time to do it yourself? We're here to help! The smaller projects might begin with you providing a few bullet points and a rough outline of what you hope to accomplish with the piece. We take it from there, with your intermittent approval, of course.

    Got a story to tell?
    Go ahead, admit it! You're the most fascinating person you know!
    You could write a terrific book about yourself . . . if only you had the time.
    Relax! Just contact us

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