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    The following was written to promote a book on investing.



    New Investment Book Set to Hit the Shelves.

    In October, a new book on investing will hit the bookstores -- {the book title} Authors (XX) and (XX) have taken their combined total of 40 years experience as global executives in international business and finance and produced a book that is relevant for our troubled economic times.

    Why This Book is Vital
    Credit Crisis... Meltdown... Bailout...Nosedive...Recession...these are words that appear in the news nearly every day. Faced with unprecedented economic turmoil, we need all the help we can get to understand what's happening and to learn how to avoid a financial nightmare.

    {the book title} offers important insight and practical advice. In plain English, it answers questions like these: How did this happen? What should I do with my money now? Who should I trust? What will happen next? How can I spot the next economic bubble in time to protect myself?

    {the book title} contains critical insight and perspective on the difference between investing, speculation, and gambling so that we can make informed and rational decisions about where to put our hard-earned money. In the process the authors take readers on an armchair journey from the tulip fields of 17th century Holland and the South Seas to the gaming tables in Las Vegas. They explain how economic bubbles form, and how to spot "early warning signs" to either avoid the next one or wisely capitalize on it.

    For more information and to order the book, see www.(xx).com.


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