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    The following was part of a series of marketing materials written for a brand-building design firm.  


    Branding Your Business: It's Not Just For the Big Guys!

    An effective Brand Identity is key to success regardless of the size of your business. When your marketing materials include a professionally developed Brand Identity, you convey confidence, consistency and quality.

    Whether you're a small start-up or an established company in need of a revitalized image, (XX) Design can create an exciting visual presence that boosts your visibility and tells the world that you've arrived.

    We collaborate with our clients to develop a plan that communicates the uniqueness of their business. Here's how it works:

    Three-step Strategy Development

    1. Marketing Plan - You tell us your goals; we develop your message. A Vision Statement, a Mission Statement, and Key Message concepts that reflect the essence of your business form the foundation for building your Brand Identity.

    2. Branding Strategy - We define how your Key Messages can be incorporated into a potent Tag Line, determine the use of images for added punch, and layout ideas for an engaging Website.

    3. Marketing Campaign - We evaluate how to most effectively market printed material and a Website.

    Identity - Using the established design concepts, we create a logo or word mark that best represents your business. You choose one of three design options that will then used consistently across all your marketing materials.

    Business System - We create your business cards/stationary incorporating your chosen Branding Identity.

    Website - Your Branding Identity and selected images will be incorporated into a user-friendly navigation hierarchy. We can also arrange training for content managers and provide access support.

    Good design is good business. Let (XX) Design give your business that extra edge on the competition with a fresh and creative visual presence.

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