Sharon Rockey has been ghostwriting for clients and editing for businesses since 1987.

Her background includes:

  • Registered Securities Principal — newsletter developer/writer/editor, and Senior Marketing Representative for a subsidiary of General Electric Capital Corporation –San Francisco, California
  • Vice President, Due Diligence and Compliance with an NASD Broker/Dealer –Marin County, California
  • Director of Online Communications, newsletter columnist, and website developer for a new media association in the San Francisco Bay Area
  • Staff Writer and Website Content Developer for a national non-profit agency– Portland, Oregon
  • Independent Freelance Writer, Ghostwriter, Copy Editor


In 1995, she began developing Web content for sites that ranged from business, technology, and finance, to the arts and new media. In 2001 she changed course and began devoting her time exclusively to editing and ghostwriting.

When covering conferences or writing newsletters for corporations and non-profits, she transforms complex subject matter into easy and compelling reading. In the process of ghostwriting for clients’ memoirs, she establishes a bond of trust and handles extremely personal information with utmost confidentiality and sensitivity.

See samples from her writing portfolio, which includes selections of material written in various categories:

Ghostwriting • Technology • Business
Artist Reviews • Culture and Lifestyle Features